Research Areas


Connectivity research division within CAR at York University provides solutions for connectivity between vehicles, infrastructure, and personal mobile devices with real-time communication. We support a broad range of research in communication technologies and automotive engineering, focused on new technology aimed at improving both personal and public, passenger and vehicular safety.


The Lightweighting division of CAR at York University we will pursue research on varieties of advanced, high-strength materials to increase vehicular performance ensuring the next generation of vehicles are safe, durable and fuel efficient. With access to sophisticated models and materials, our division approaches task with the considerations of current environmental sustainability regulations, as well as the fuel efficiency of motor vehicles, which are priorities for automotive parts manufacturers.


The Powertrain research division will concentrate research to the development and evaluation of key technologies for the production of current and next generation motor vehicles. Strategic focus will cover drivetrain performance, facilitating the introduction of highly efficient, low-emission technologies. CAR at York University has considerable research and evaluation capability in this area to assist our partners with developing advanced materials, tools and techniques that will modernize their products to be competitive with current efficiency and green standards.


The next generation vehicles will require increasingly complex software to support advanced vehicle control, safety and power management systems. At CAR at York University, it is the goal of the Software research division to assist our industry partners through the design and implementation of progressive and reliable vehicular automotive systems. Our highly qualified team of researchers have expertise in leading edge software development, optimization, advanced instruments and testing methods to create software prototypes for a variety of automotive applications.


Vehicular structure technologies and regulation are constantly in-flux, yet most automotive suppliers do not necessarily have the resources to adequately monitor and respond to such changes. CAR at York University’s Structure research division will monitor and responds to the rapid changes of tech and regulation by filling in the gap as we are adept to addressing our automotive partners needs. Because of our understanding of consumer needs and vehicular structure regulations, we have the necessary competence to assist you in developing proprietary systems to address current and future needs.


The primary objective of the Chemical research division of CAR at York University is to dedicate our expertise to research and develop of cost-effective methods to producing flexible, reliable and verifiable motor vehicle materials that also adhere to regulatory specifications for automotive safety, efficiency and performance. Our role/input will consist of assistance to develop and apply chemical formulas to a broad range of chemical engineering areas and complex manufacturing systems. Our team of professionally educated and experienced engineers, are exploring a number of formula variables to recommend solutions to expedite the commercialization of new formulas.